Volvo's XC40 Offers Style and Function from its Exterior Features

The Volvo XC40 is a popular, subcompact crossover SUV with four doors and a rear lift-gate for the cargo area. It's also a luxury vehicle with a posh and comfortable interior. The XC40 also offers some great exterior features that provide both function and an impeccable style and appearance.

On the outside of the XC40, you get integrated, aluminum roof-rails. This SUV already provides a ton of cargo space. The roof-rails give you even more options for getting your cargo and gear to your destination. Dark-tinted windows are another nice feature that comes standard on every model.The darkened windows do more than just provide for some extra privacy. They also add to the vehicle's classy, stylish appearance. This helps to better shield you from bright sunlight too. To truly appreciate the exterior of the XC40, you can always take one for a test drive at Volvo Cars of Charlottesville.



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