Winter Tire Sipes Don't Work in Warm Weather

Here at Volvo Cars of Charlottesville, we like to keep our customers and other drivers aware of common safety issues. As warm weather months approach, one issue that may impact many drivers is the use of cold-weather tires in warm weather. While this practice may seem safe, and actually presents many preventable hazards.

Most winter tires are studless, meaning that they lack any kind of metal spikes for traction. While these winter studless tires lack spikes, they make up for this with special groove and sipe shapes that maximize traction during cold and wet weather. These grooves and sipes are deeper and more numerous than those found on all season tires.

During warm weather months, these specially shaped grooves and sipes provide less traction than necessary on dry roads. Thus, these winter features can actually lead to more instability during summer driving. Thankfully, drivers can easily avoid this and other tire issues by having their tires switched by qualified professionals before the summer arrives.



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