Belts Keep Cars Running Smoothly

An automotive engine block cannot properly function without belts and other components that provide mechanical leverage and transfer of power. Serpentine belts link the crankshafts with other smaller parts inside a powertrain. Timing belts are engineered to manage the rotations and other dynamic motion of camshafts of a valvetrain. Additionally, a passenger car has belts that dictate the behavior of the alternator and various pumps that circulate essential fluids under the hood.

Over time, all belts lose tension and other mechanical parameters that are critical for smooth combustion. A visual inspection is enough to identify worn-out components that are at high risk of snapping. Therefore, Volvo Cars of Charlottesville conducts routine diagnostic checks of all belts of a vehicle during a service appointment. Serving customers in Charlottesville, we can install after-market and OEM belts for all types of domestic and imported models. Some pickup trucks and high-performance sports cars might require custom fitting.



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