Check Out the Volvo S60's Exceptional Exterior Features

There's no need to complicate the new vehicle shopping process. Start with the exterior of the models that we have on our lot here at Volvo Cars of Charlottesville. Once you've seen something that you are interested in, then you can take a closer look at the interior features that are provided. Sedans are starting to become more popular again. Because of this, the Volvo S60 is hitting the market with vigor. At a solid 3,907 pounds, this is a safe and sturdy vehicle for daily driving.

A panoramic sun and moon roof lets you view the great outdoors from wherever you are driving. You get all powered accessories like windows, seats and mirror. The tires are a performance variety. You'll get some great handling on the road in a variety of different weather conditions. A fine tuned, eight-speed automatic transmission is included as well.



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