The V90 Lets You Save Energy and Gain Nuance

As one of the leading luxury wagons currently on the market, the Volvo V90 lets you save energy and take control over your driving experience in a way that is unparalleled by other models on the market.

For example, the Start/Stop Technology included with the car makes it incredibly easy for you to save money while also conserving energy for the environment. It does this by forcing the engine to shut off temporarily when it isn't being used extensively, restarting once you resume driving. This might seem like an insignificant touch, but it actually has a huge influence on how much fuel you conserve, being just as financially efficient as it is ecologically!

The Volvo V90 also has an impressive Electrical Power Steering Personalization allows you to customize the sensitivity of your wheel, making it easier than ever to truly drive the way that you want. Does all of this sound interesting? Stop by Volvo Cars of Charlottesville today for a test drive!



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