Rain is not your friend when you are out for a drive. A lot of people would prefer not to drive at all if it has been raining outside, and for good reason. It is scientifically proven that it is far more dangerous to be on the road when it has recently been raining. Thus, you need some tips on how to survive it.

Always make sure your windshield wipers are maintained to the highest standards. The cold weather of winter can cause damage to these wipers, and you will need to check up on that before you get into the rainy spring season.

Also, make sure you keep both hands on the wheel when it is raining out and minimize distractions as much as you possibly can. It is easy to have a lot of things going on in your vehicle at the same time, but please consider eliminating those distractions to maintain both your own safety and the safety of those other motorists out there.

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