Have you ever asked yourself what safety features matter most to you in your luxury wagon? Ensuring that you select a car with the right features is key when you are worried about the safety of yourself and passengers in your car. The Volvo V90 is a popular luxury wagon that comes equipped with over 20 standard safety features to give you security and peace of mind.

The V90's WHIPS™ Whiplash Protection System helps cushion your head in the event that you experience an unavoidable collision. This safety feature has proven its worth over the last 20 years by reducing the risk of long-term injury by up to 50%. The Welcome Home light keeps you protected in low-light situations by giving you immediate visibility when you open your door. It stays illuminated for 30 seconds, giving you time to take care of any pre-start activities.

At CMA's Volvo Cars of Charlottesville, you can get the new Volvo V90 and the V90 Cross Country. Contact us today to learn more.


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