At CMA's Volvo Cars of Charlottesville, we know that performance needs vary with the road or purpose of your drive. For example, you probably don't approach a drive down the coast with the same intent as your morning commute. The following Volvo S60 performance features can help you rise to a variety of driving challenges.

Different driving occasions call for different types of driving. The Volvo S60 is equipped with Comfort, Eco, and Dynamic driving modes. The Comfort mode offers smooth, everyday performance. The Eco mode provides performance similar to comfort with an environmentally operating profile.

Whether you want to speed things up a little on Charlottesville, VA highways or go wild on vacation, you'll love the Dynamic mode. When this vehicle is in Dynamic, all onboard resources are channeled into speed and sharp handling. The Volvo S60 offers innovative driving modes for your every driving mood.

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