Your vehicle needs various fluids so that it operates properly. If there's a leak, then you could hear odd sounds or notice that your vehicle doesn't run like it should while driving in Charlottesville, VA. Oil is one of the most common fluids that you'll usually see leaking from your vehicle. If you see oil on the ground, you should visit CMA's Volvo Cars of Charlottesville to determine the cause of the leak as this could result in your motor seizing if enough oil leaks out.

Antifreeze is another common fluid that you might see on the ground. It's usually green in color and is often seen when there are issues with the radiator. If antifreeze continues to leak, then you could notice the temperature gauge in your car rising while you drive.

Transmission fluid is needed so that the gears can shift as they should. This fluid is usually pink, red, or brown if it's seen on the ground. Try to avoid driving your vehicle until it's checked as you don't want to risk not being able to change the gears in your car due to no fluid.

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