"Volvo Cars has a vision that nobody should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo."
Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO, Volvo Cars
Aiming for zero
Vision 2020 is about reducing the number of people that die or are seriously injured in road traffic accidents to zero. Protecting and caring for people is at the heart of Volvo Cars' philosophy and this is our commitment to saving lives.

Knowledge is the key
By continually learning and innovating we, at Volvo Cars, aim to put an end to fatalities and severe injuries on the roads. Our methods are unique and far-reaching, combining exhaustive research, computer simulations and thousands of crash tests with data from real-life collisions to make us world leaders in safety

Technology that saves lives
We, at Volvo Cars, have invented some of the most important innovations in the history of car safety - including the three-point safety belt - saving over a million lives in the process. And there's more to come. Our cars are packed with advanced features that will help us achieve Volvo Vision 2020.

Safe Driving: Aiming for Zero

Driven by saving lives
Safe driving is at the heart of Volvo Cars. Our Volvo founders said: "Cars are driven by people - the guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is and must remain safety." Those values remain intact, and in 2008 we set out our vision that by 2020 nobody should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car.

Dedicated to safety - the story of Volvo
Protecting people and making lives better has and always will be part of Volvo Cars' DNA. The next step in our journey is Vision 2020.

Safeguarding our future
At Volvo Cars, we don't accept that 1.3 million people should die every year in road traffic accidents globally. Vision 2020 is our way of creating more sustainable personal transport. It's a key element in our sustainability framework, which outlines how our company protects people and the world around us, both now and in the future.
Knowledge is the key for the safest cars

Safer cars through learning
At Volvo Cars we have always strived to create the safest cars. We do this by learning - from life, from technology and from ourselves.

The circle of life
We use data from real-world collisions and rigorous research and testing to make our cars ever safer. Each new car is built using the knowledge gained from its predecessors - we call this process of continuous refinement and improvement the Circle of Life.

Jan Ivarsson - Senior Technical Advisor Safety  "Volvo Cars' Safety Vision is a way of thinking and working. It's like a mantra for the company"

Local cooperation for a global vision
Building the safest cars in the world is not enough to realize Volvo Cars' Safety Vision - we collaborate to help plan the safe roads and traffic infrastructure that will also save lives. By working with the Swedish Transport Administration in our home country we have created a model for global cooperation between car manufacturers and the transport authorities.

Opening the doors to the Volvo Cars Safety Centre
Every new Volvo gives you an incredible standard of protection, thanks to the pioneering work of our Safety Centre. We conduct more than 300 crash tests here each year and thousands more using computer simulation.

AstaZero - a new world of safety

Volvo Cars is a partner with AstaZero, the world's first full-size test centre that simulates real-world traffic scenarios. This state-of-the-art facility - which opened in 2014 - can recreate a huge number of real-life traffic situations and is the ideal place to fine-tune our IntelliSafe technologies. It will play a key role in helping us make Volvo Cars' Safety Vision a reality.

Car safety features that save lives

IntelliSafe - improving your safety, every day
For decades, Volvo Cars has been developing and creating car safety features that save lives. Today, IntelliSafe is a suite of intelligent technologies that goes a long way to preventing - or lessening the impact of - a vehicle collision. It anticipates danger and can help you avoid it. Think of it as your co-pilot who's always on the lookout, ready to intervene to help keep you and your family safe.

Hand over control for a safer journey
We are already testing prototype cars with IntelliSafe Autopilot self-driving technology that will help make journeys more relaxing and safer. When you don't want to drive, your car will take over at the press of a button, freeing up your time. It will transform your commute.

Connecting with the cloud to keep you safe
Our Connected Safety pilot program shares information between Volvo vehicles via the Cloud to help make roads safer for everyone. This fleet of test cars uses Slippery Road Alert technology to detect icy roads and alert nearby drivers and road authorities to the danger. There's also a Hazard Light Warning function that warns if another vehicle in the area has its hazard lights on.